Upcoming seminars at Eramus University

Dear all,

Thanks to khun Chol Bunnag, we are able to advertise seven exciting seminars which will be taking place at the Erasmus University Rotterdam this Spring.

The seminars are organized by the Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics and will take place on Monday from 4-6 pm.

Below are the dates, speakers, and topic for your kind consideration. If you are interested in the seminar and want to some information about it, please contact khun Chol Bunnag at cholbunnag@gmail.com for more information.




9 February

Peter Wakker (EUR) and

Comments by Jan Sprenger

(TiLPS, Tilburg)

Using modern Non-expected

Utility Theories for Risky

Decisions and Modern Tools

From Experimental

Economics to revisit

Classical Debates in

Economics, and to Restore

The Classical Utility Concept

2 March

Martin O’Neill

(Manchester, Louvain-la-

Neuve) and comments by

Gijs van Donselaar (UvA)

Social Justice, Corporations

And the Basic Structure

16 March

Paul Roth (University of

California, Santa Cruz) and

Comments by Harro Maas


Whatever happened to

Analytic Philosophy of


30 March

Tony Lawson (Cambridge)

And comments by

Esther-Mirjam Sent


Heterodox Economics and


20 April

Johan Graafland (Tilburg)

And comments by Rudi

Verburg (EUR)

Doux Commerce and

Self-Destruction in a

Curvilinear Relation between

Competition and Virtues

11 May

Federica Russo (Louvain-la-

Neuve, Kent) and comments

By Leen de Vreese (Gent)

Explaining causal

Modeling. Or, what a

Causal model ought to


25 May

Wybo Houkes

(Eindhoven) and comments


Universal Darwinism and the

Unity of Science


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